About Us



Founded in 2016, Core Eleven is an independent software solutions and consultancy services provider company headquartered in Cluj Napoca, Romania. Core Eleven is dedicated to delivering world-class software products and consultancy services. Our team consists of highly dedicated software professionals with decades of software development and software management experience.

Our mission is to build highly optimized, cloud based software solutions helping small and mid size pmiorganizations and individuals to achieve their business and personal goals.

Purpose of our organization is to meet the technology and management expertise demand on the software business market in countries where software markets are focusing mainly on outsourcing services.

What makes us different is the combination of services that we are offering, our combined technical as well spring-by-pivotalas management expertise. We support your organization with software and consultancy services to optimize processes, reduce cost, be efficient and have piece of mind. Our years of expertise is backed up by couple of industry standard certifications.

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Mission Statement


Connect – business needs of your organization with solutions from the market and own products keeping the balance of innovation cost and business value

Improve – refine, reinvent business operational processes with expertise in technology, enhance business processes with products of our own portfolio helping organizations and individuals to their professional fulfillment

Inspire – provide a vision for the future endeavors of businesses and individuals, we are showcasing products and processes that your organization / individuals can take further, leave a landmark in your business processes to be able to grow towards of higher ideals


core-valuesCore Values


  1. Open company – We understand and emphasize on the importance of transparency in internal and external communication
  2. Pursue growth and learning – We are not claiming we are the best, but we sure are committed to become
  3. Respect each other – Respect each other in our day by day presence, communication and collaboration
  4. Respect our customer – Building trust is the basis of our long term collaboration
  5. Embrace change – Absorbing change and making progress to implement it is a key factor in success
  6. Teams over individuals – Our focus is to build team cohesion, natural collaboration and team dynamics
  7. Quality over quantity – Less is more, we prefer doing small steps with high impact and high quality
  8. We make a difference – We believe that through our expertise we are able to provide value to our customers
  9. Creativity – We encourage new ideas in our day by day work
  10. Positive team spirit, fun – Software development can be done right in an environment where working is fun
  11. Ten. Plus one. – There is always room for improvement. Today is a new start.