Atlassian Expertise


Core Eleven is among the first organizations to provide Atlassian product expertise on the Romanian IT market. We have an expertise in implementing business processes with Jira and other tools in multiple domains like logistics, supply chain, transportation, market research and others.

Our organization is committed to cut cost and time inefficiencies by up to 50% by implementing processes using Atlassian tools. We’ve implemented such processes in the outsourcing model for external clients for several years now on both sides of the Atlantic.



Strategy for startup or migration


Whether your organization is a startup or you are migrating from other management tools to Atlassian products, Core Eleven provides strategic guidance and proven best practice insight to help your organization implement internal processes with success. Our services include analysis of organizational needs, existing and future process requirements, technical inter-dependencies and planning of a road map for the implementation of Atlassian product based organizational processes.

The business advantage to work with Core Eleven is our technical as well as management background, which are backing up our efforts to create and maintain organizational processes using these tools.


install & configureInstall, configure, tuning

We have an extensive background in installing and configuring the software needs for Atlassian products on both Cloud based and in-house installations, this effort is backed up by our open source technologies background.

Among preparing the infrastructure for the Atlassian products, we deliver services in configuring projects, user management, workflows, various schemes (screens, notifications, permissions) and security.


supportSupport and maintenance

Core Eleven provides support to keep your Atlassian products running effectively and efficiently, our services provide you with a flexibility that include flexible contract periods and clearly defined SLA’s.